To seek out one's character

Authentic, approachable, down-to-earth, relaxed and professional. Spid is one of a kind. Bought up on a farm at Ngatea on the Hauraki Plains, Spid learned early that friendships make the world go around, you make your luck with hard work and to get anywhere you have to collaborate with others to find the best possible solutions. He was surrounded by real Kiwi characters, quirky humour and a healthy dose of banter. It all rubbed off on Spid and is still part of the package. He has that incredible skill of drawing the viewer into his work through design and he has spent years perfecting his craft. As a photographer, Spid is hands-on. He likes to get involved at an early stage of a commission, he checks out the locations himself and starts a relationship with the talent by being involved in the casting. He wants subjects who are on the same page as he is and are prepared to “push out the boat”, resulting in those beautiful moments of spontaneity and a sense of freedom in his images. Spid started taking the family photographs when he was 8 years old because his mum always pressed the shutter so hard the camera dipped and when the photos came back everyone’s heads had been cut off. He put the money from his first after-school job into buying an SLR camera and his career path was set. Spid was largely self-taught until he arrived in London in 1992 and attended the Drill Hall Art School at night and outside of work hours. When he returned to New Zealand he won a study grant from the Ronald Woolf Memorial Trust, which he used to study graphic and photographic design, he trained as a full time assistant for two years. Spid’s relaxed attitude, his professionalism, technical ability and problem-solving has led to many international clients making him the first choice for their assignments. He has worked for Vodafone Germany, Singapore Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Birds Eye, and for leading New Zealand entities including Bay Audiology - his work won three golds, a silver and two NZ Marketing Awards in 2017, you can see a full list of clients here. Among his international awards are Communication Arts, Luezer’s Archive, Art Directors Club - New York, and Cannes Lions, he’s won more than 60 awards. And the name Spid? At school his elder brother was nicknamed “Spider”. Because the little guy was half the size he got half the name - and it stuck. His real name is…