Bay Audiology Campaign - The Emotional Hearing Test wins 6 awards!!

The Bay Audiology Campaign that I produced stills for with Saatchi & Saatchi has won 6 awards so far. I was asked to shoot a series of portraits of actual patients hearing their loved ones speak to them via set of head phones during a hearing test, I shot their reactions to these messages. 

EFFIE Awards 2017 - Most Progressive Campaign  - Gold
EFFIE Awards 2017 - Consumer Durables  - Gold
EFFIE Awards 2017 - Most Effective Integrated Campaign - Silver

EFFIE Awards 2017 - Best Strategic Thinking - Gold
NZ Marketing Awards 2017 - Campaign Award in Best Brand Transformation
NZ Marketing Awards 2017 - Campaign Award in Healthcare/Beauty

BAY0148 POS Clinic Posters A2_Carol_Eddie_v2[2]-3.jpg

Ti Ora Teas Brand Campaign

I was asked to shoot the latest brand campaign for Ti Ora Teas which has launched a new range of premium New Zealand teas which have been crafted here in New Zealand. Ti Ora is blended using some of the world’s finest tea leaves, fruits, herbs and native New Zealand botanicals. I was set the task of creating an image of a woman floating in a natural New Zealand environment surrounded by the ingredients, we had a few challenges being in the middle of winter here in New Zealand, thanks to a dedicated and committed team, we were able to produce the stunning image. The model is surrounded by ingredients like Manuka leaf, Horopito, Mint, Camomile, Passion Fruit and Apples to name a few.

Ti Ora_Spid V1 crop.jpg

Many thanks too

Agency: The Enthusiasts

Creatives: Jamie Hitchcock

Producer: Martin Yeoman

Stylist: Kiri Donaldson

Make Up Artist: Caroline Hasslett

Model: Lauren - Unique Models

Assistant: Ant Low

Location: Rachel Main




Ti Ora PR with Rachel Hunter

I was recently asked to take some natural images of Rachel Hunter for the tea brand Ti Ora. Rachel has been announced as the ambassador for Ti Ora tea, a premium brand of locally made tea blended with fruits and native New Zealand botanicals including Manuka leaf, Horopito and Kawakawa. Here is a link to an article that Viva wrote on her and Ti Ora where they use one of the images, she shares some of her wellbeing tips, how she relaxes, and what she treasures most about New Zealand.



Rachel Hunter V1.jpg

Ten - Personal Project

Remember these?? I'm continuing on with this personal project with the release of my third work in this series as part of this years Auckland Festival of Photography, you can read about it here. The group exhibition is been held at White Studios, 9-18 June 2017, 30 Burleigh Street, Grafton
Hours: 10am-5pm 9th-11th June, 10am-5pm 17th-18th June

Campaign Brief’s The Work 2017

A campaign I produced for hair stylist Chris King has been selected for this years "The Work 2017" - Campaign Brief in Print Craft.

Now in its 15th year, The Work features the very best advertising of the year from Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Published by Campaign Brief, The Work is recognised as a true record of creativity for the entire region.  

To qualify for entry the ad or campaign must have already passed the test and been a finalist or winner at an awards show. 

We wanted a campaign that wasn't the norm in the hair dressing world so we produced a campaign that was almost the exact opposite, here it is. 

858_Chris King Street-Rod.jpg

Finalist in Communication Arts Photography Annual 2017

I've been selected as a finalist in this years communication arts annual 2017, CA’s Award of Excellence is one of the most-coveted awards in the industry. If chosen, winning places you in the highest ranks of your profession. The annual is the most prestigious competition for creativity in photography and is selected by a nationally representative jury of distinguished designers, art directors and photographers, the winning entries will be distributed worldwide in the Communication Arts Photography Annual, in print and digital editions, and on, assuring important exposure to the creators of this outstanding work. As a service to art directors, designers and art buyers.

You can read more about the competition and it's judges here



Ben Smith and the All Blacks

Recently I was asked to shoot a job with the All Blacks, after I had completed the brief I asked Ben Smith who is widely regarded as the best fullback on the planet and the others if I could capture some portraits of them, here are the results of my personal work.

Ben Smith, All Black backline general, photographed by Spid

Ben Smith, All Black backline general, photographed by Spid

Brodie Retallick, All Black hard man, photographed by Spid

Brodie Retallick, All Black hard man, photographed by Spid

Matt Todd, All Blacks fetcher, photographed by Spid

Matt Todd, All Blacks fetcher, photographed by Spid

Freeview Stills

I worked with Blacksands to produce a series of stills for Freeview.

Featuring comedian Chris Parker (who made his name in Hudson Hall and No More Dancing in the Good Room) intruding on the streaming activities of efforts of range of Kiwis, the new campaign aims to show that it’s still possible to have the convenience of usual TV experience when viewing online content.   

Featuring comedian Chris Parker (who made his name in Hudson Hall and No More Dancing in the Good Room) intruding on the streaming activities of efforts of range of Kiwis, the new campaign aims to show that it’s still possible to have the convenience of usual TV experience when viewing online content. 




Group Marketing Manager: Katie Mills

Marketing Manager: Tim Aitken

Director: Jamie Lawrence

Producer: Bridget Bolton-Riley

Actor: Chris Parker

Stills: Me



A night of art, fashion & dance - Motion

Recently I collaborated with French Revolver Studio to produce two pieces of content for their show. 

These consisted of two videos projected onto walls within the Britomart Country Club in the Auckland CBD where the event was held.  

The concept for the first video was water, which we linked back to the street posters which I shot various dancers preforming in an environment which resembled water. The projection also created movement and light on the dancers during the show further enhancing the concept. The final video was much more urban and provided a gritty backdrop to the final stages of the performances. You can see both videos here.


Director: Spid

DOP: Spid

Editor: Dan Martin @ Deliverance

Studio: White

Music: Chris King

Assistant: Melissa West




A night of art, fashion & dance

French Revolver Studio commissioned me recently to collaborate on a project to showcase a night of art, dance and fashion. The idea was to create a series of unusual images  to cut through the clutter of street posters and grab consumers attention. We had an idea of shooting dancers in a swimming pool, clearly with the elaborate and detailed hair styles we needed to create a solution that gave that feeling. The project involved collaboration between photographer, choreographer, hair stylist, make up artists and dancers to bring the images to life. The images were retouched by Stephanie O'Connor. I'm currently working on phase 2 of the project and that is creating a series of videos to be shown at the launch party.

French-Revolver-832-4727 copy.jpg


Photographer: Spid

Art Director: Karen Reiss King

Choreographer: Emma McLachlan

Hair Stylists: French Revolver Studio - Brad Lepper, Chris King, Jordan Camiller 

Make Up Artist: Lisette Cross

Dancers: Diamond Entertainment

Photographers Assistant: Jessica Getmat

Retoucher: Stephanie O'Connor 



Spid makes a political statement for the Auckland Council

Auckland advertising photographer Spid was recently approached by Ogilvy's Darran WongKam to produce a memorable campaign for the upcoming Auckland Council local body elections. The basic concept centres around the idea that people who don't vote are metaphorically invisible, because their views will not be taken into account during the democratic process.

To express this idea visually the subject of each campaign image was photographed twice - once as a clearly visible person, and then again as a body painted person who is difficult to distinguish from the background. Recognising that executing this brief would involve the merging of two different creative mediums (photography and body art), Spid approached Yolanda Bartram from Bodyfx, and together they set about creating the desired result.

The biggest challenge of the shoot was the 6-7 hour delay between shooting the first "Vote" execution and the second "Don't" execution. Extensive research and testing by a very committed crew was required to resolve this particular issue. And although utilising digital post-production techniques might have been an easier option, creating the see-through person effect in camera gives the campaign a sense of authenticity that engages the viewer and helps drive home the call to action.

Photographer: Spid

Agent/Producer: Jason Jones @ The Collective Force

Body Artist: Yolanda Bartram @ Bodyfx

Stylist: Greta van der Star

Hair & Make-up: Anna Hewlett

Photo Assistant: Marique Knight

Client: Auckland Council 

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Creatives: Darran WongKam, Matt Simpkins

TAB Multi Bet

Here's a fun project we produced for TAB Multi Bet and Sugar, where the brief was to shoot a bunch of different sports men and women for a TV spot and stills campaign. The head, body and legs were mixed up from different codes creating an interesting combination of codes.

Screen grabs from tvc

Photographer: Spid

Agent: The Collective Force

Producer: Jessica Hogan

Agency: Sugar

Creatives: Genevieve Chunn, Daniel Nelson

Account Manager: Campbell McLean

Assistant: Dani Hochuli

Stylist: Lucy Mclay

Make Up: Anna Hewlett