Optional Extras.

It’s hot, grimy, hectic, and temporary. Street vendors setting up and packing down day in day out. The movement and noise of continuous trading. Stall after stall, in street after street, the laneways and alleyways, packed to bursting with everything you need and everything you don’t.

Convenience is, well, at least convenient, but we are overloaded with the superfluous.

I shot this series in the middle of summer, it was extremely hot. I learnt early on from the locals to drink coconut water to stay hydrated, so I thought Id get in on the action. I was baffled as to why they serve the drink with a plastic bag, I would drink the water from the coconut and give the bag back to the vendor.

A coconut in a plastic bag is not convenient, FFS nature provides us with a perfectly good container for coconut water. It’s called a coconut.

But here in Bangkok, even your plastic bag gets a plastic bag.

I shot this project because the more voices there is around the unnecessary use of plastic the better off we are going to be. I also felt that in this visual world that we live in it is my responsibility to the future generations of my family to use my voice for change. Plastic that we produce today will take approximately 15 future generations to break down or 450 years, this project is dedicated to my grandchildren of the year 2418. Feel free to ask Jesus (google) for any information on plastic waste because there is tonnes of it!