Ten (Tekau)

One of my goals is to shoot unique imagery for other others to enjoy that’s why I’m a photographer. I’ve always been drawn to the Portrait, I don’t know if it’s the journey from researching ideas to the mood boards, sharing my ideas with the rest of the team, the excitement of the shoot and then watching a great portrait come to life in post production or just the straight out banter that comes with working with a dedicated group of professionals who are inspired and striving for the same goal. 

Ten is a theme for the imagery. It was originally born from celebrating ten years in business, the tiki tattoo is from the 10 cent piece. 

I would like to thank my team for their time and dedication to this project.

Photography Assistant: Jessica Gernat

Stylist: Kiri Donaldson

Hair & Make Up: Maza White

Models: Kayra Yildiz, Marilyn Morris - 62 Models, Lauren, Nikolai - Unique Model Management

Retouching: Annalee Hart

Studio: White Studio's