Spid’s relaxed attitude, professionalism, technical ability and problem solving has led to many international clients making him the natural choice for their assignments. Spid has been working for well-known clients like Vodafone Germany, Singapore Airlines, Coca-Cola, Birds Eye, Watties and Mobil just to name a few. He is never far away from his camera and is always striving to find new ways to express his art,  he has a very collaborative approach to this work.

The rapport that Spid establishes with the talent is reflected in his engaging, character-driven portraits. This, he believes, is the most important aspect of his job, allowing him to elicit moments of spontaneity that bring a sense of freedom into his often-humorous, quirky images.

In his personal work Spid is always seeking something different he can bring into his commercial work, and interesting characters. He’s fascinated by the subtleties of people’s faces, the reflection of their inner selves. That’s part of the challenge – digging into a subject’s
soul to draw out those nuances in expression that each tell a different story.