Spid makes a political statement for the Auckland Council

Auckland advertising photographer Spid was recently approached by Ogilvy's Darran WongKam to produce a memorable campaign for the upcoming Auckland Council local body elections. The basic concept centres around the idea that people who don't vote are metaphorically invisible, because their views will not be taken into account during the democratic process.

To express this idea visually the subject of each campaign image was photographed twice - once as a clearly visible person, and then again as a body painted person who is difficult to distinguish from the background. Recognising that executing this brief would involve the merging of two different creative mediums (photography and body art), Spid approached Yolanda Bartram from Bodyfx, and together they set about creating the desired result.

The biggest challenge of the shoot was the 6-7 hour delay between shooting the first "Vote" execution and the second "Don't" execution. Extensive research and testing by a very committed crew was required to resolve this particular issue. And although utilising digital post-production techniques might have been an easier option, creating the see-through person effect in camera gives the campaign a sense of authenticity that engages the viewer and helps drive home the call to action.

Photographer: Spid

Agent/Producer: Jason Jones @ The Collective Force

Body Artist: Yolanda Bartram @ Bodyfx

Stylist: Greta van der Star

Hair & Make-up: Anna Hewlett

Photo Assistant: Marique Knight

Client: Auckland Council 

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Creatives: Darran WongKam, Matt Simpkins

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