A night of art, fashion & dance

French Revolver Studio commissioned me recently to collaborate on a project to showcase a night of art, dance and fashion. The idea was to create a series of unusual images  to cut through the clutter of street posters and grab consumers attention. We had an idea of shooting dancers in a swimming pool, clearly with the elaborate and detailed hair styles we needed to create a solution that gave that feeling. The project involved collaboration between photographer, choreographer, hair stylist, make up artists and dancers to bring the images to life. The images were retouched by Stephanie O'Connor. I'm currently working on phase 2 of the project and that is creating a series of videos to be shown at the launch party.

French-Revolver-832-4727 copy.jpg


Photographer: Spid

Art Director: Karen Reiss King

Choreographer: Emma McLachlan

Hair Stylists: French Revolver Studio - Brad Lepper, Chris King, Jordan Camiller 

Make Up Artist: Lisette Cross

Dancers: Diamond Entertainment

Photographers Assistant: Jessica Getmat

Retoucher: Stephanie O'Connor 



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